client spaces---sari storage


We absolutely love working on a unique organizing project. So when our client asked us to organize her saris and bindis, we were totally onboard. At the current moment, all items were being stored in plastic tubs, with really no rhyme or reason, making it more difficult for our client to find specifics when she needed them. Even worse, the current storage method could potentially ruin the delicate beading. These items needed a more practical way of storing in addition to preserving their integrity. 


We decided that by utilizing a guest closet, using quality hangers and hanging the games would be ideal. Not only would it help to keep the saris shape, but also would be easier to store, access, and retrieve when needed. We used the Black Soft Matte Wooden Hangers from The Container Store. Due to the weight of the garments, a heavy duty hanger was necessary. When purchasing items remember the cheapest items isn't always best, as you will find that quality is beyond important and reduces the number of times an item will need to be replaced. 


As for our client's extensive collection of bindis and bangles, we used Stackable Sweater Drawers from The Container Store. Their ability to be divided with inserts and customized to our specific need sealed the deal. These drawers were placed on the shelf in the closet, allowing our client to select items with easy to wear or pack for travel. 


Once the clothing was arranged into a spare closet, our client inquired about storing the items for long term storage. We selected Natural Cotton Hanging Storage Bags  which would preserve the saris integrity and protect from dest, as these pieces were infrequently worn, and added a cedar hang up within each garment bag, keeping pest, mildew, and odors away from the delicate saris.


And just like that, we completed a sari closet perfect for our client's needs, and what a fun and colorful project it was!