client spaces --- refrigerator + a giveaway

IMG_1247 Recently I had the pleasure of updating my perfectly organized fridge with Fridge Coasters®.  These beauties gave my space that extra something something that they were missing, but also assisted in keeping my shelves free of debris and spills.  Looking great while keeping it tidy, I was sold!  So we took the idea of an organized, eye catching fridge to a recent client of mine that was needing assistance in her kitchen, to include her refrigerator. Ashlyn with Fridge Coasters® was kind enough to offer a set of Sub Zero coasters for us to install in our clients home, and the results were anything but basic.


Let's be honest, refrigerators are not top priority with most clients when it comes to organization.  It just takes one person constantly throwing items into the fridge for all systems to go belly up.  And it doesn't help the situation when you are able to close the door and keep the mess out of sight. When our spaces are in disarray, items easily go unnoticed, and in a refrigerator that equates to spoiled food.  To prevent waste from occurring, we decided to take out all of the items to create zones when returning the food to the fridge.

After emptying the contents, we got down to giving the fridge a deep cleaning. We kept telling ourselves that it was worth the cleaning, as the Fridge Coasters® would keep the shelves and drawers cleaner, longer. Next, getting the Fridge Coasters® into the space for the perfect fit. We first had them along the full shelf, but it seemed to make the lower shelves dim and gloomy, as this older model of the Sub Zero had lighting only above the top shelf of the refrigerator. We quickly decided that leaving part of the glass on either side of the Fridge Coaster® would allow enough light (but with ample coaster protection) into the space.



Our next step was to go through each and every product before deciding if and where it would go into the fridge.  We were able to pair down many products, as many had duplicates or had reached their expiration date.  Then grouping like with like, we began refilling the fridge.  Utilizing the bottom 4 crisper drawers for fruit and veggies, the small shelf above housed individual packs of hummus and guacamole in a slimline Interdesign acrylic container. On the top shelf, all nuts and grains were stored together, just as beverages were on the next two shelves. On the final shelf, a space was designated for leftovers, and a handled acrylic Interdesign basket for the clients facial products.  Not overcrowded, everything in its home, with a bonus pop of Fridge Coaster® eye candy.  Just the way we like it!





And now you too could have a gorgeously organized fridge!  How, you ask? Super simple, pop over to our Instagram, @organized_simplicity for a chance to enter into our giveaway with Fridge Coaster®. One lucky individual will be taking home a $50 gift card to The Container Store and a $50 gift card to Fridge Coaster® to make all of your organized fridge dreams a reality!

*This post is sponsored by Fridge Coaster®.  All opinions are my own.*