client spaces---pantry volume 2

Organized pantries done right can look like pieces of artwork. But no two pantries have to be identical to be fabulous. This is a space that can be tailored to each clients taste that helps to reflect their personality, needs, and budget. And while any system is better than none at all, we still like to discuss function versus beauty (and all of its maintenance) with our clients to gage their wants versus needs, as many times these vary drastically. img_3874

As in the case of this particular client, a young working mother  of two with little time on her hands, was open to suggestion but within reason. We knew from speaking to the client, free time (what little there was) was meant for her family, and her family only. From this alone we knew that a simpler approach to her pantry would be ideal. Just as stated prior, examining each clients needs versus wants is very important, as we didn't want our client resenting our choices in design and function while decanting products instead of spending precious time with her family.


With quite a large pantry, we chose the white taper bins with a black label, for a spacious and durable option to store all items grouped by category. We also used several large turntables to house spreads and jellies on one, coffee on another. And expandable can risers to store all canned goods and another for commonly used medications. We used medium sized bins for most of the pantry, with a few larger bins for bagged snacks, paper towels, and back stock.







The before and after of this space speaks for itself. And we know that instead a of wasting precious time looking for items, our client is now spending it with her family. And with a stylishly, organized pantry to boot!