client spaces --- pantry love

Kitchens sell homes, and pantries are an integral part of the kitchen. We recently were hired to assist a couple, who were putting their family home on the market in hopes of downsizing, organize their pantry. As most homeowners looking to sell, the budget for improvements was limited, so we were looking to dramatically increase the space and organization, but on a very tight budget. img_9577

We began with a decent amount of space, but with no system and items haphazardly strew about.  To utilize all areas of the pantry, we created zones.  Canned goods, bottled water, and dog treats/food on the smaller side of the pantry.  Boxed goods, snacks, butters, and grains on the other.  And by using a combination of risers and inexpensive baskets found at the local dollar store, we created an organized pantry for the small budget allotted.


Creating zones also freed up the space for us to keep overstock paper goods up hight on the shelf, and small, rarely used kitchen appliances on the lower shelf, giving easy access to all items.

No matter how large or small your pantry or budget, organization can be yours with a little planning.