client spaces --- pantry-less kitchen

Not many things we can think of that we enjoy organizing more than pantries. If the kitchen is the center of the home, the pantry is the heartbeat.  And we think it deserves the best of attention. IMG_8678

As for this particular client, her kitchen lacked that heartbeat.  Never in our time as an organizing company had we ever seen a kitchen without a pantry. Some things just go together, and a pantry is to a kitchen what peanut butter is to jelly.  You get what we're saying! But in this profession, getting stumped is not allowed, and we work the puzzle until it's solved completely.  So we got to work.


By dedicating two connected cabinets within the kitchen, we solved the dilemma of no pantry.  But we couldn't be anything but perfect with placement of all items to maximize every inch of space.  By using a combination of Madesmart risers, acrylic turntables, and acrylic bins, we were able to create a pantry and spice cabinet all in one.  We then grouped all like items and labeled, replacing all items back into the 'pantry'.


Isn't this incredible?! Night and day difference.  That's the magic we call organization!