client spaces --- medicine cabinet

It seems quite simple to keep small areas tidy, until the area doubles in size, then it can get out of hand easily. Take a medicine cabinet for instance, you may start with a few bottles of medicine, and then one day....poof, you've more bits, random tablets, bottles of syrup than you know what to do with.  And buried within it all are outdated, expired medications.  To prevent this from happening, creating zones or specific locations for types of medicines helps to prevent oversight, repurchasing when not needed, and keeping an eye on expiration dates. img_9497


With this particular client, we dedicated the lower shelf to all homeopathic medicines, arranged all on a turntable for easy access. The second shelf we used the nordic basket from The Container Store, which held all muscle related items, such as epsom salts and heating pads. The third shelf held all of the over the counter medicine, again on a turntable to create visibility for all items. The top shelf sported another nordic basket, housing prescription medications, loose blister packs, and first aid items.



As with most clients, when an area looks great and is organized, the motivation to keep the space in order increases dramatically, especially after they see the before and after photos!