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Not all bathroom vanities are created equally. Isn’t that the truth, especially if your home isn’t new construction or has been recently remodeled. And as an organizing company, we see countless bathrooms that have insufficient space, to include an absence of drawers. Whoever thought that drawers were a BAD idea in the bathroom had no clue what they were doing. And with said absence, there is always a mountain of items shoved in the cabinets and way too much product on the counter. Bad combination especially if you’re actually trying to find something in particular in a short period of time. Or ever for that matter. 

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We met with yet another client that had this exact issue, shocking we know. We aren’t strangers to this problem, so we have a list of products and tricks up our sleeves to make the cabinets function with perfection. We were lucky that the cabinets were as deep as they were wide, ensuring that our magical sweater drawers would work like a charm. Add that they are dividable, making them customizable, simulating a built in drawer. 

bathroom organization

As with all projects, we started by taking everything out and grouping like products to decide on categories and placement. Once this stage was completed, we decided on the following categories: hygiene, perfume, oils, face & body, hair tools, and feminine. Easy to find, easy to replenish once the supply of a particular item runs low, and by using the sweater drawers, it limits the amount of product that one person can have on hand. There is nothing better than good balance between needs and wants.

bathroom organization

Items we used in this bathroom are listed here and here




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