client spaces -- bits and baubles

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a client who had an admirable collection of jewels.  The challenge for this client was not which piece to wear with her daily outfits, but displaying such a large collections of baubles.  You know that saying, 'out of sight, out of mind'?  Totally true for many of my clients.  While tucking jewelry away in its beautifully made, velvety-lined drawer inserts may be desirable for some, most individuals find that they forget about what beautiful pieces they may have.  Most jewelry now a days is oversized, colorful, that almost screams to be out on display.  So that's what we did for this client. IMG_9813

My client started off with several locations for her extensive jewelry collection. A jewelry armoire, drawer organizers, jewelry boxes, and tabletop displays. Too many locations, not enough consistency, we decided to just keep 2 locations to properly contain and display all of her beauties.  The armoire would come into play for items that were difficult to contain, such as watches, bangles, and rings.  We designated drawers for each of these categories and organized them within. The second location would be within the master closet, where we would house necklaces and bracelets.


We began with an array of necklaces and bracelets.  We designated a large wall within the master closet for an accessory station, where we decided to house all necklaces, bracelets, oversized purses, and hats.  Showcasing them on one wall would add not only a design element, but an organized look and feel, which is exactly what my client desired.

Finding the center of the back wall of the closet, we decided that it would be best to hang bracelets on a cork board, as they were all very similar in shape and length.  From this decision, we worked our way outwards, using spinning hooks, which housed at least 12 necklaces each.  2 hooks on each side of the bracelet cork board, we managed to house all of her costume style necklaces, organized by tone.  Underneath the jewels, we added a large double rowed hook for oversized bags on the bottom row, hats on the top.





And the final design brought such an incredible smile to my client's face, I knew that we had been correct in our thinking, design, and implementation.  I mean, who wouldn't love this in their master closet?!