client spaces --- before & after master closet

Recently we had the pleasure of working with a twenty-something, busy professional with much on her plate.  And while always desiring to be an organized individual, it seemed to get buried on her to-do list.  So, she called us to give a hand in establishing simple systems she could follow on a daily basis. IMG_0672

As with most of our clients, the overall space seems so overwhelming, most don't know where to begin, especially when it comes to the closet.  We lay blame not on the client, but on the lack of imagination of whomever installed a single shelf throughout an entire closet.  Following the lead of the developer, most clients use the top rack for folded items, hanging pieces on the bar, and the remaining takes the floor space.  This method can work for some, but easily becomes disheveled, unsightly and unorganized for most.



For this particular client, we decided to use the top shelves for shoes in clear boxes, in order to maximize space and use the vertical height of the closet as the client's shoe collection was 51 pairs and growing by the day.  Grouping by style, we added a large photo of each shoe on the exterior of the container to make finding a particular shoe super simple.




We then took to the floor, removing all and any items out of the closet.  By doing so, we not only cleared the floor, but found so many pieces that had not been unpacked in the clients recent move.  We set aside all items to be hung within the closet as we progressed further into the project.

Next we took our most favorite step in a closet overhaul, and switched out all the hangers to slim profile.  This always makes the biggest difference and amazes the client on how much of a saver punch this cost effective solution packs.


After switching out the hangers, we then added the additional bags of clothing found on the floor, hanging those items as well.  Grouping all pieces by style, then by color, we were able to accommodate every piece of clothing, no need to fold a thing! This gave us the opportunity to use a small set of shelves within the closet for towels, linens, and accessories, keeping all items contained within baskets.  By doing so, we helped to limit the amount of linens, while creating a streamlined organized space for storage.




Last but not least, we added labeled clothing dividers for the client to not only make finding pieces a breeze, but also to assist the client in being able to return those pieces to the appropriate section of the closet.  In all, it was a dramatic before and after for the client, expressing her excitement that she now had peace of mind when walking into there closet.  No more visual clutter for this clients closet.  And a job well done!