client spaces---bathroom cabinets

under sink organization

One of areas we see mismanaged the most is the dreaded bathroom cabinets. It's almost as if most are so overwhelmed by the number of products, that it ends up a jumbled mess. Like one of those cabinets you dread to open cause EVERYTHING will fall out. We spent a few sessions helping out a lovely family of read that right, 7 getting their bathrooms in order, and the results were fantastic.

before bathroom

We began with the mom's bathroom to treat her, as she has successfully raised 5 lovely children (she's beyond amazing and we still don't know how she does it all). Our client explained her bathroom with one word....stressful. And just like every other space in our home, we never want to pair that word with ANY space, especially those areas that we use to get ready for our day.  Like, who wants to begin their day on the wrong one.

organized bathroom drawer
organized bathroom drawer

Be removing items from the countertop and creating zones in the drawers and cabinets, we were able to begin to create the sense of calm our client so desired. The client did request that her daily items remain on the counter, and we obliged. We grouped like products to create simple categories for the homeowner to find and file items. Body, face, hair, dental, feminine all within easy to reach labeled baskets. We also used our favorite divided turntables to house our client's spray tan and nail care, making selecting the right item a breeze. For the drawers, shallow drawer organizers help to corral hair accessories, lip balm, and qtips for easy access.

organized bathroom vanity

As for our client's 3 younger children, we wanted to make space under the cabinets for their toiletries plus a space for towels. By adding a two tier organizer, we were able to corral all items in one place, completely freeing up one cabinet for each child's towels.

before child bathroom
after child's bathroom
before boy's bathroom cabinet
after boy's bathroom cabinet
before child's bathroom cabinet
after child's bathroom cabinet
before bathroom drawer
after bathroom drawer

And shallow drawer organizers created zones as to where all items would be placed when not using.

before bathroom drawer
after bathroom cabinet

These inexpensive fixes allowed a busy mom the ability to see what each bathroom had on hand, designate towels to each family member, and feel at peace when opening each and every cabinet. For us, we are so thrilled to have simplified such a stressful area for a fantastic family.

organized simplicity