client spaces---art studio

Nothing screams more fun than art supplies, with their endless possibilities of being categorized and in color order. So when a good client of ours calls and asked us to organize her art studio, we were all in! We like to think of ourselves as fairly artistic, as organizing in an aesthetically pleasing manor takes some talent. But we were so no prepared for the magnitude of variety our client had on hand. Totally made us feel like we were in the corner with our drawing tablet and box of crayons, not cool enough to know about all of the fun stuff! And it dawned on us that we are totally novice artists, and we would just stick with what we knew best, organizing all the art materials.

Not only were we totally envious of all of our client's amazing art supplies, but her art studio as well, which is an open concept loft that floats above her entire living space, which totally had us super jealous. But while we were loving the space, we completely understood why our client avoided the area altogether since her move across country close to one year ago. There were at least 5 large plastic bins haphazardly stuffed with pens, pencils, markers, paper, cards, envelopes, etc. If you could image it, it was in these totes. And it was totally overwhelming our client. But not us. To say we felt like a giddy kid on Christmas morning was a total understatement.  And we couldn't wait to get started.

We started by removing everything, yes everything, out of the bins.  Next up, sorting.  Like with like, nothing easier than this step, but can prove so overwhelming to many. Then we took inventory of what we had on hand and decided containment from this step.  The area was very open and had several drafting tables, built ins, and plenty of counter space.  But we didn't want it all out cluttering up the visual area.  And with so many different types of markers, pens and pencils, we knew we needed something that could contain yet separate them into appropriate categories.  And we found exactly what we were looking for.

Enter the ArtBin and all of their glory.  I mean, what can't these things do?! Perfect for both our client's selection of writing materials AND a fabulous way of organizing her greeting card collection into easy to find categories. For her selection of art pads and paper we used the ever versatile acrylic file collator, helping to divide by type and ease of finding exactly what our client would be looking for. 


On the desktop, we use a corner section to house her calligraphy tools, inks, and special pens and pencils in these fabulous acrylic 3 drawer organizers, making all items easy to see, without cluttering the desktop. Acrylic paper drawers are always our go-to with loose paper, easy to find, easy to contain. We finished off the space with our custom block script labels, which can be found in our 'shop' section on our website for purchase. We topped off the desk with an acrylic easel to showcase our talented client's artwork. Fingers crossed she commissions a piece for us for our office!