client spaces---closet envy

master closet

It's an understatement to say we love (and live for) creating gorgeously organized spaces. And it's also understood that we have some of the best regular clients that keep welcoming us back into their beautiful homes. Like one of our most recent projects, we just can't get enough of this client's Frank Lloyd Wright-ish style home! We have had the pleasure to have worked in many spaces of this client's home; kitchen, pantry, and art loft. 

master closet before

And we were beyond excited when our client decided she wanted a fresh start on her master closet. Who doesn't love a closet refresh AND a completely newly designed closet system?! Even better, our client's love for color sparked an idea to incorporate a rainbow of hangers, not only to bring in the aesthetic but also to have function, as each color hanger would correspond to a category of clothing. Form, function and that's our kind of space! Add a heel box for out of season shoes = perfection!

rainbow hangers
rainbow hangers
accessories storage solutions

Given the go with absolute power to design, we decided the back wall should showcase shoes as the focal point. To the left we added double hanging potential from front to mid way, allowing for our client's massive clothing collection, using accessories boxes for storage. Long hanging sections to the right and the left of the rear of the closet, sectioned for dresses on one side and coats on the other. 

master closet organization

On the right side next to the long hang for coats, we had installed 8 drawers for our client's gorgeous bits and baubles, and 12 drawers for our client to transition from a dresser in the bedroom to all in the closet. We added an Elfa mirror for the perfect area for adding that final touch to any outfit. And never forget a clutch organizer plus baskets for bags for the best storage solution.

jewelry drawer
Elfa mirror
clutch storage

Isn't this just the most lovely transformation you have ever seen?! We're thinking our client may have had a slumber party in this closet when we left. And would you blame her?!


organized simplicity