Challenge Reveal Friday: Toiletry Storage

Can I tell you how thrilled I am with the results of my toiletry organization!  I am over the moon excited to share with you all!

Isn't it just fabulous?!  Ok, let me take you back to the beginning.

I have for a long time stocked up on toiletries and I know first hand how quickly the mess can accumulate.  I first started off with a few unused children's baskets.  They fit like a glove under my counter, filling 3 of the 4 cabinets.  I removed all retail packaging, as it can be unsightly and bulky, making it difficult to organize properly.  

I then grouped like items together: oral care, eye care, personal hygiene, soaps and lotions.  I popped those bins back into the cabinet and was content.  At least for the meantime.

It seemed that overtime I opened the cabinet to retrieve something, I would be bothered by the sight of all of the items.  Plus, I got into the habit of tossing items in with high hopes of getting to it at a later time.  

Even the organized have their shameful moments!  And then there were items suddenly going missing, sliding out of the baskets into the dark abyss behind them.  I just was not happy with my current organization.  At all.
I knew I wanted baskets, but felt as if they would need lids, as the piles of items seemed distracting. The construction of a lid would also allow stacking of the baskets, which would free up space to add our extra bathroom towels. I had a few options to choose from at home, but felt that the appearance of these baskets were dark in color for such a small space.  I wanted something to pop.  So off I went to Ikea with high hopes of finding the perfect (and inexpensive) solution to my problem.  And that I did!
I started off with the 3 Pluggis boxes that come with lids, added a divider in one box with the Hofta dividers, which did not work as well as I expected, but serves it purpose and was an expensive solution.
I then proceeded to fill the boxes keeping like items together for easy retrieval.
The popped on the lids.  I was so thrilled about how sleek they looked now as opposed to before.  But how was I going to know the contents of each box?
So I added a label and used my much loved Martha Stewart bookplate, naming the contents of each container.
I also decanted my qtips, cotton balls, and cough drops.  I love look of the glass jars versus the unattractive retail packaging.

I was so far super happy with my progress on not only improving the function of my storage, but also its appearance.  But what about those boring white cabinets?  I started to think the new boxes would get lost in all of the white.
I remembered that I had purchased a roll of Duck Tape peel & stick laminate to use in a future project. It was just what I needed to add a bit of pattern and color to such a sterile space.

I cut it to size and in it went.  It was not as difficult as I first thought.  Just like putting on a screen protector on your phone.  Except it's gigantic!

It is amazing what a little thought and reorganizing can do for a space.  Not only did I make this space more functional and create more space, it is also beautiful to look at!  I hope you have enjoyed this challenge as much as I did!  Join us Monday for our last week of Fabulous February, I look forward to seeing you!

What ideas do you have to tackle your toiletry mess?  Please share you ideas, I would love to see!  

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