Challenge Reveal Friday: Jewelry Storage

I put my creative side to use on this challenge but also tapped into my frugal side to try to repurpose things I already had in my home in hopes of keeping my cost down.  Without further delay...

I reused an old cork board and covered it with fabric and upholstery tacks I had on hand.  I am usually drawn to neural colors, so I wanted the fabric to be colorful to pop on the wall.  I then simply tapped small nails into the board and created a fantastic and beautiful home for my necklaces.
Next I wanted to incorporate bracelet, watch and earring storage.  I had many ideas, from hooking them from the bottom of the cork board to adding an additional cork board.  Neither idea spoke to me, especially because I could see some catastrophe occurring because of the bracelets bulk and weight. Then one day at Ikea I stumbled across the Bygel bar, hooks and hanging bin.  And for less than $5 for the whole lot, my heart and my wallet sung with happiness!  I decided to install the bar under the cork board to incorporate the bracelets, watches and earrings in the wall display.

I just love the fact that my earrings can hang and stay perfectly untangled.  It's the small things folks!
And last but not least, were my rings.  How could I get all of those gems onto the wall display?  At first I thought I might use a thread rack.  After a beautiful coat of colorful spray paint it would be perfect.  And then I thought about the location of the jewelry, inside the entrance to my bedroom.  And then I imagined someone getting serious injured on said thread rack, so I quickly scratched that idea.  I went with my second option, a ceramic egg crate (already had on hand) to hold all of my rings and a fab acrylic tray ($15 from Home Goods) for extras bits and fun!
For just over $20 I completely organized my jewels to fit my needs.  I am completely smitten with the results!  The size is just right, helping me keep my lust for excess jewelry under control and the display keeps my jewels in a beautiful, organized space.  
I hope you enjoyed this week's Reader Challenge as much as I did!  Don't forget to join me again next week for Week 3 of Fabulous February.  Until then!

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