Challenge Reveal Friday: Gift Wrap Storage

I'm thrilled to share with you my creative (and budget friendly!) gift wrap storage!  As I told you all in my previous post, I love to give gifts and I love to wrap gifts.  I'm not kidding!  I find wrapping an opportunity to be as creative as possible with fun wrapping materials.  My only issue became was where to keep all this fun stuff?!

I wanted to utilize the unused space inside my laundry closet to house my goodies.  But how?  Off I went to my favorite store that solves all of my small, budget friendly storage issues--Ikea.  And sure enough, I found just the solutions!  
Using two grocery bag holders, I am able to corral all the wrapping papers together.  And the icing on the cake, they can be adhered to the wall.  Score #1!
Next I needed to tackle the gift bags.  How could I store them on the way in my laundry closet?  A magazine file.  Score #2!  With 5 slots and the ability to be hung, this magazine file would be the perfect solution for organizing gift bags.

Lastly I decided to use a box I covered in fabric to store labels, scissors, tape, etc for gift wrapping, as it was the perfect size to fit on the only shelf in my laundry closet.
And for a little under $25, I solved a long time issue as to where to keep my gift wrap organized.  And as an added bonus, I can use my dryer top to serve as a wrapping station.  This makes accessing, using and cleaning up my goodies a breeze!  The only part I did not complete was adding a pop of color in the laundry room.  Saving that project for a rainy day!
How do you store your gift wrap?  Do you keep your stash well stocked or are you one to pop out to the store and get it when needed?  I would love to hear about it!

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