Challenge Day Wednesday: DIY Annual Planner

It's no secret I am a true lover of a good paper bound planner.  I, like many others I suspect, have resisted the transition from paper to technology when it comes to a scheduler.  That being said, I am not really sure as why this is exactly.  Maybe it's getting drawn into other activities while inputting my schedule on my phone, it's seemingly annoying and attention getting notifications and alerts, or for the face that a simple paper planner can be transformed almost into a work of art.  Ok, maybe that's a little dramatic, but it does stress my passion for this topic, hence it will be our first challenge day Wednesday!

I have recently switched from a long time brand planner which was discontinued, to a semi-pricey planner that I am not sure fits me or my needs.  Typically I am all over getting the next year's planner months in advance to pre-fill dates, but this year was left unexcited about my options.  I settled on planner but after utilizing it in January, found that I was not thrilled.  Deciding to ditch this option, I switched to a new planner that as made me giddy with excitement!  

What kind of planner do you utilize?  Come by on Friday when I reveal exactly what planner I have decided on and the methods to my madness!  

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