5 weeks, 5 organizers: madesmart hang-it

I hope you all enjoyed last weeks post on the turn-it from madesmart.  I thoroughly enjoyed finding the perfect home for my turn it.  In my second week of 5 weeks, 5 organizers I decided to continue with madesmart products from here out for this challenge.  Versatility, affordability, reliability and locatability (think I may have made up that last word!) of madesmart products were my reasoning behind my decision.  And being quite stylish doesn't hurt either!

This weeks organizer is the hang-it.  Designed to be used in the bathroom, the hang-it's appeal (in addition to being located out of sight) is it's ability to be customized.  The three ventilated 'shelves' are a breeze to hook on and off just where you need them, giving this organizer the definition of versatility.

I began by using the hang-it inside of the cabinet of my kitchen sink.  I am forever running out of unusable space in my kitchen, so utilizing the door space is a win-win.  I was quite impressed with how much this hang-it could hold.  This could be a great way to keep all the kitchen scrubbies, scrub brushes, gloves, etc dry, as the hang-it has tiny holes to keep great ventilation happening.  

I next took the hang-it to my girls bathroom to see if it could tackle the job of organizing their hair accessories.  Headbands in the bottom, washcloths in the top, this could be a match made in heaven. But then I put the toothbrush heads into one of the containers and then it dawned on me....


All things for oral hygiene for my littles would fit perfectly within the hang-it, clearing up a very congested and small countertop.  The ventilated holes sealed the deal.  No more puddles of water on the counter.  No more leaky toothpaste tube left out.  All items had a home.  Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, cups and toothbrush timer all living together in harmony on the inside of the bathroom cabinet door.  With this system in play, there would be not more searching high and low to brush teeth.  And this my friends, is where the hang-it lives.  My girls would be so luck!  That's 2 for the madesmart team!

How would you use the hang-it?  Bathroom or kitchen?  Tag me in your photos on Instagram, @organized_simplicity, I would love to see!
**Disclosure:  I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are mine and mine only.**
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