5 weeks, 5 organizers: madesmart's bins

Hey guys!  So glad to have you back for our 3rd week of 5 weeks, 5 organizers.  For this weeks organizer I have a set of two fridge/pantry bins, 4 inches and 8 inches for us to experiment with!  The types of clear bins for the fridge and pantry have become super popular in the world of organizing over the past year.  What makes these madesmart bins stand out is....wait for it....

They have their own dry erase label already built it!  How ingenious is that?!  I also love the fact that these bins have a textured handle on them for easy moving and lifting, and not just on one end but both!  So fabulous!

To for warn you all, I did not have a half decent dry erase marker to test out on these beauties when shooting the photos.  I was unhappy with the quality of my dry erase marker, so you will not see any writing on mine.  Note to self, get a quality marker!
I began by adding these beauties to my pantry to help my organize the snacks.  I like the fact that they are low profile, making it easy for my girls to see their snacking choices.  Nesting the smaller inside the larger, I created a divider that worked perfectly for our snacking scenario!

Next i thought I might try them under my infamous sink, which I think has been redone more times than I can count!  I am starting to not be so found of the cleaner carry-all, as it is bulky and a space hog!

And lastly, where I was most excited to use them, I tried the bins in the fridge.  I was using green handled baskets but found not being able to see through to the contents of the container was quite a bummer.  Finally, placing meats and cheeses in the larger, snacks in the smaller, streamlining the fridge.  And can I tell you all just how much I adore my tiny fridge, largely in part of these madesmart bins?!

How would you use these bins from madesmart?  Do you find yourself using clear bins frequently in your organizing?  Come by next week for round 4 of 5 weeks, 5 organizers. The next organizer will surely get your organizing juices flowing!

**Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are mine and mine only.**