5 weeks, 5 organizers: madesmart's 2-tier

Welcome back to our 5th and final week of 5 weeks, 5 organizers.  I have saved the best for last!  I feel like a broken record at times as I am always stressing on the importance of using every inch of vertical space.  Well, this 2 tier organizer from madesmart does just that, and boy does it do it well!


I immediately knew that my garage and love of painting could totally benefit from this organizer. The depth of the 2 tier is perfect for sturgeon paint brushes, roller and even smaller sized and sample sized paint cans.  Typically these items get easily lost and knocked over in our teeny tiny garage.  Not anymore!



I then took the 2 tier to my girls shared bathroom, which is always in desperate need of an easy organizational fix.  It's size makes it an ideal candidate for anything that could potentially help!



And last, but not least, the 2 tier landed in my cabinet under my kitchen sink.  I know that I have talked a lot in the past about how small my kitchen really is, so any help I can use to make it smarter, I'm all over it.  And the 2 tier does just that.
I used it to replace the big and bulky cleaning caddy, that to be quite honest is super cumbersome and not efficient whatsoever.  Unless you like when your cleaning solutions fall every which way when picking up the caddy.  Not.  Plus, as one of my most favorite topics, using vertical space (cue broken record) most definitely comes into play here.  My cleaners can chill in the top of the 2 tier, while the bottom stores my reusable kitchen cloths and my swiffer refills.  And by storing these items in the 2 tier, it frees up a kitchen drawer where the items used to live.  It's a win-win-win-win.....you get the point!



And there you have it folks, 5 weeks with 5 organizers.  I hope this has inspired you to look at any organizers you have in your home in a whole new light.  And do yourself a favor, go and treat yourself to a madesmart organizer.  You'll be beyond happy that you did!

**I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are mine and mine only.**