5 Helpful Tricks & Tips

Time.  It's one of the few things that most people would love to have more of. There just never seems to be enough hours in a day to complete you long list of tasks. What if I told you that putting in a few extra minutes by completing this same list everyday could help save you time. Would you do it?  I hear the cries. Nonsense!!!  But really.  Not only will these small simple steps help save you time, but will also bring you complete peace of mind.  I know most of you could definitely use that as well!  Try this for one week religiously (no cheating!) and let me know how you feel after day 7.
  1. Always, always, always make your bed.  (I can hear my dad celebrating as he is reading this!) Not only does it make your space look great, it sets the mood for the day ahead.  And the bonus is when you are ready for bed, you room is peaceful and tranquil, preparing you for a great night's rest.  
  2. Clean off your bathroom countertop.  After prepping yourself for the day, spend a few minutes putting away hair products, toiletries, makeup, and hair products. Then wipe down the countertops with antibacterial wipes.  This way, at the end of a long day you are not fighting the morning's mess trying to get ready for bed.  Remember, less stress + healthier sleep = a better you.
  3. Unload the dishwasher, clean pots and pans after your morning meal.  Wipe down all counters. Leave your kitchen space desirable, so that when the craziness called dinnertime occurs,  you are not backtracking and spending priceless time cleaning before you can begin dinner.  Repeat the same steps for after dinner.  Make your mornings stress free.
  4. Take 5 minutes and generally pick up.  Whether it be corralling all of the kids laundry, gathering bedtime clothes, clearing off your desk, find 5 minutes worth of things to put in their proper place.  My favorite trick is baskets on the stairs, one for each family member.  I pick up belongings, place them in the baskets, and then at the end of the day each person is responsible for putting away his/her things.  Works like magic!
  5. Put your keys, purse, wallet, cell phone, tablet, laptop, book bags, and lunch boxes in the SAME place everyday, every time you use them.  Have designated spots for each item, and establish a routine of putting the item in the same spot when you are finished with it.  In our home, we have a unloading area where the girls hang their bags, put up their lunch boxes, a place for my husband to corral his many items that come from his pants pockets, and a cell/tablet docking station.  My home office is downstairs and this is where I have strategically placed all necessary items for me to get out of the door quickly.  It did not take long to establish a routine, and like that all items are found when needed with no panic!  This one small task will save you countless minutes daily, plus think about how frazzled you get when you can't find your keys or phone.  Problem solved!  
More tips to come!  Remember..... less stress + more time = a better you!

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