nialya suarez


Lover of all things organized and tidy, I find that having an organized space equals total inner peace, not to mention easy on the eyes. I am a firm believer in a good edit prior to implementing systems with a home. Nothing brings me more happiness then the sheer joy of a homeowner after a great organizing session. Your home should be an extension of yourself, let us help your home reflect your best!

It is my belief that every individual desires to have a level of organization in their lives, while not all have the tools or knowledge where to begin. According to Newsweek, the average American spends roughly 55 minutes daily, 12 days per year, looking for items they know they own, but cannot find. Life is simply too short, and each day to important, to waste precious time. Not to mention how mentally taxing disorganization can be on the mind, body, and soul. For this reason I began organized simplicity. Our goal with each client is to leave that individual feeling empowered, knowing that they can maintain a high level of organization with gorgeous results and peace of mind. Success begins just by asking for guidance!


Nialya is simply amazing! I highly recommend. I love that she creates a system so your family can stay organized. With a large, busy family of 7, I was grateful that she didn’t judge our mess. She just provided options and solutions that worked. She constantly wanted to make sure that what she created worked for my family. She was always on time. I was able to leave the house and do my day to day routine while she worked in the space she was organizing. When she was working in my kids rooms, she allowed my daughter to be a part and helped teach her so many things that my daughter still does today. We are so thankful for Nialya! She is such a sweet person and truly loves helping people. You will love working with her!
— Kelly H.
“I had the pleasure of having Nialya work with me on several projects throughout my home over the last year. She has helped completely overhaul, organize, declutter, and create useable solutions for my kitchen, laundry room, garage, not to mention other projects like categorizing, protecting, and organizing all of my formal gowns/dresses/saris etc. Nialya is a smart, hard-working and very kind business owner who approaches each and every project (no matter the size) with the same professionalism and perfection. I was particularly impressed with Nialya’s ability to truly be consultative on her approach to each project by really listing to my goals, needs, and pain points while understanding the importance of personal preferences and individual style even when it comes to choices for organizational tools, containers, labels etc. She has had terrific follow-up even after project completion and takes great pride in ensuring that the works she does fits into your natural habits and work, so that they are not only beautiful solutions but ones that save you time, money, and effort in your critical home/work spaces. I would highly recommend Nialya and plan on working with her again on future projects in my home and office.
— Raina M.
I highly recommend hiring Organized Simplicity to anyone who can relate to feeling overwhelmed by owning too much and who is ready to get rid of clutter, in order to create a functional and aesthetic living space. With one project, Organized Simplicity has helped me to get started on the process of letting go of unwanted, unused and unnecessary items. For the first time in a long time I have a space filled with what is important, usable and beautiful to me.
Throughout the process I felt as though every aspect of my needs as a client were taken into account: efficiency, aesthetics, financials, and non-judgement. I am thrilled with the outcome of my project with Organized Simplicity and already have plans for another!
— Laura A.
I first hired organized simplicity to help organize and de-clutter my kitchen which quickly followed with her building-out a custom pantry for me as well. She then helped with my art loft - making a masterpiece out of my expansive collection of art supplies - and turning into a creative haven that I cannot get enough of. Most recently, she helped with the design, installation, and phenomenal layout and organization of the walk-in closet in my master bedroom.

From the start, she has been nothing short of amazing to work with. She’s very communicative, consistently asking for thoughts and feedback and always happy to provide suggestions or recommendations as I needed//requested them. The work she does is stellar and she leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect solution for the space. Her ingenuity and creativity in maxing the available space while also ensuring the layout is functional is phenomenal.

I absolutely love all of the work she has done in my house and it has really helped to turn it into a home. I can’t recommend organized simplicity enough!
— Elizabeth P.